How to Choose a Storage Solution In Singapore

Issue: Mar 2018

How to Choose a Storage Solution In Singapore

Different people need self storage units for different reasons. However, many don't really know how to make the right choice when it comes to storage space. Both homes and offices in Singapore are often relatively small and may not have enough storage space for used or extra items. Here's where storage storage units come in handy.

Self storage facilities in Singapore are a relatively recent concept that allows individuals and smaller businesses to rent a much smaller space that isn’t an entire warehouse. This system allows for more flexibility as you can choose different ones to suit your different needs. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a storage unit.

1. Outdoor or Indoor?

Outdoor storage facilities in Singapore are basically outdoor garages which are exposed to the elements. They’re suitable for items that aren’t sensitive to temperature or climate changes. These can include garden tools, outdoor furniture, metallic items, sports gear and so on. Outdoor storage units aren’t suitable for items that can be damaged by temperature changes and an accumulation of moisture. In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it wouldn’t be suitable to store things like artwork, clothing, food, electronic gadgets, and photos outdoors.

Indoor storage units are usually located within air-conditioned buildings and are protected from many environmental elements like heat and rain, which may damage goods in the long term.


2. How Much Do You Want to Store?

The number of items you need to put into storage will determine the size of the storage unit you need. Storage units of different sizes will cost you differently, so choosing the right size will save you from any unnecessary spending. The best way to do this is to gather your items for a test run. Have a measuring tape ready and find out the minimum amount of space you need. This includes measuring the length, width, and height that you’ll need.

This way, when you actually visit the storage unit provider on site, you’ll be able to correctly gauge the exact size you’ll be needing.


3. Location, Location

Moving your items to the storage area can be tough. You don’t want a unit that’s too far from your home or office. Therefore, you should choose one that’s easily accessible so that you don’t have to travel very far. This is especially important if you’re storing things that need to be accessed on a regular basis, like product stocks for your business. Travelling may also cost you time and money, which is something you should minimize.


4. Storage Space Policies

It’s important to do your homework and understand the storage rules and regulations of the storage unit provider. Things like storage opening hours may influence your access to the unit, and some providers are very strict when it comes to late payments. This is why you have to ensure that all the terms and conditions suit your needs and lifestyle, to avoid any misunderstandings.


Long-Term Storage Solutions

Having a storage space in Singapore can solve a ton of problems. That’s why you have to consider all these factors carefully, to ensure that all your belongings and assets end up safe, even with long-term storage.

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