Why Expats Need a Personal Storage Unit

Issue: Jun 2018

Why Expats Need a Personal Storage Unit


One trick we’ve learned from many expats is that a self storage unit can be a very useful tool in saving your sanity and making the move a little less stressful. But it’s more than just renting a unit and dumping your stuff! Knowing a few tips and tricks about how to pack, what to pack, and how to arrange your items in the right size unit in a self storage facility that caters to your particular storage needs will help you get through this transitional period with your sanity intact.

Ease the Stress of an International Move

Just knowing you have a place to stash extra furniture, needed work-related items, or items you purchase for yourself or for gifts is a big stress reliever. A storage unit doesn’t have to be large or costly in order to serve a very important purpose: give you extra storage space to work with. Most expats move from larger homes to smaller homes, and it can take a little time to get used to the smaller square footage. A storage unit will help you edit your furnishings as needed.

Access Your Possessions Anytime

A self storage facility convenient to your home or your work allows you to access your possessions whenever you need them. Even better, a storage facility that gives you 24-hour access to your belongings means that you won’t have to rearrange your schedule in order to get there during open hours.

Keep Belongings Safe

A secure self storage facility will let you stash your belongings with peace of mind. The best facilities incorporate security features such as cameras, motion-sensitive lighting, strong fences, and 24-hour surveillance. Customers must punch in a code or have a key in order to access both the front gates and their individual units, which deters would-be thieves.


When you arrive in your new home, a storage unit in a secure, clean self storage facility can prove invaluable in allowing you to adjust to smaller living spaces, safely storing valuables and work items out of your house but within easy access. An off-site storage unit gives you some place to keep out-of-season items along with the treasures you are collecting to take back home with you.

Love It? Store It!