Moving House Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Ease Your Move

Issue: Sep 2018

Moving House Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Ease Your Move

Hurray! You finally found your dream home, and it’s all celebration and pomp until you remember that you have to pack. Most people who have moved houses before can tell you that packing and moving your entire household can be extremely stressful if you don’t have a plan. This article compiles some useful tips on stress-free packing and moving, which will go a long way into easing your move.

Tips On How To Pack And Move Hassle-Free:


Prepacking is one of the most important among moving house tips. Start by packing at least three weeks before your move. Attempting to start packing a day or two before moving can be stressful, and you might end up getting burnt out.

Begin by packing items that you do not use regularly such as extra pairs of shoes, clothing and household items. No matter how anxious you are about your move, avoid packing things that you’ll need to use on a daily basis. Packing everyday items will require you to keep on packing and unpacking which means that you’ll be doing double the work.

Leave a few things for everyday use like utensils, perishables, clothing, toiletries, and bedding. Keep these items in limited quantity, so that it can be easy to pack them a day or two before your move.

Sell What You Don’t Need

The more items you try to move, the more money you’ll need to pay the movers, and the more packing you’ll need to do. Why hire two moving trucks when everything that you need could fit into one vehicle? The chances are that you might have a lot of clutter that you might not need.

Start by arranging a garage sale in your neighborhood where people can come and buy the goods. You’ll be surprised at the amount of money that you can make from things that you no longer need. Use the proceeds to pay the movers. You might be lucky to have a balance that will cater for a few months’ rent at your new place!

Be sure to research beforehand if your area or city council requires permits for garage sales. Getting a permit ahead of time allows you to conduct your sale with no interruptions or fines from the government.

Mark Your Packages

Of course, you might not have the time or energy to unpack everything the very day that you move into your new house. Mark the packing boxes that you’ll need on the first few days especially kitchen and bathroom items. Use a felt pen and write what room each box should go to so that the movers can know where to place each box.

Believe it or not, having each box in the right room will make your unpacking stress-free. From here, decide on the number of boxes in each room that you can unpack each day. The key here is to avoid doing everything at once because you might end up being too anxious and tense. Too much anxiety might make the unpacking seem unachievable, which might make you keep putting it off.

Keep A List Of Your Items

So, you’ve sold most of your clutter but what is remaining? Recording every single item that you intend to hand over to the mover is essential. A list will help you countercheck whether there are missing items upon delivery.

Ensure that you present your list of items to whoever that is in charge of the move so that they can countercheck the items, sign and stamp the document. Having a journal will make it easier for you to make a claim should the company lose or damage your items during the move. Many people overlook this crucial step, but it’s essential when it comes to packing and moving tips.

Research On Moving Companies

Selecting a reputable moving company can make your move a breeze. Most people hire the first moving company that they come across because they are trying to do things last minute. Doing things last minute will hinder you from doing proper research.

Start by asking for recommendations from familiar people that might have moved recently. Asking your family or coworkers is a good place to start.

Do you plan to use the internet for your research? Ensure that you read and analyse the company’s ratings and reviews. The ratings and reviews will show you whether other people that used the company before you had a pleasant or terrible experience with the movers.

Choosing the right company means the following;

Your Items Will Reach Your Destination In Excellent Condition:

Some unscrupulous companies care little about your breakables. A lousy mover might end up tossing everything in their truck carelessly and hurriedly, without bothering whether they’re damaging delicate items.

You Might Save On Costs

Researching ahead of your move will give you ample time to find companies with the best rates.

No Missing Items

It’s not uncommon for some unprofessional movers to lose clients’ items in transit. Missing items could either be due to carelessness or the company itself might not have good standard operating procedures or high quality staff to ensure that items are moved properly.

When packing to move house, having a good strategy is essential, for a stress-free experience. Tips like pre-packing, researching on moving companies, selling clutter and marking your packaging can reduce the stress that many people associate with moving. Moving doesn’t have to feel like you’re climbing the Everest for the first time.

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