10 Decoration Ideas for the Perfect Christmas House in Singapore

Issue: Nov 2019

10 Decoration Ideas for the Perfect Christmas House in Singapore

The Christmas holiday is around the corner. It’s that time of the year where people make merry, celebrate, and families spend quality time together. However, Christmas can’t be complete when there are no decorations. Décor makes these holiday seasons joyous and lively. So, how have you planned to decorate your interior in preparation for Christmas?

Below are 10 Christmas decoration ideas for the perfect house during the upcoming holidays

1. Christmas Trees

Your home decoration is not complete during the Christmas season without a Christmas tree. In fact, this is the first piece of decoration that you should add. However, you should put extra effort into decorating your tree to make it unique. One way you can achieve this is by adding garlands to the tree. To make the whole setting look amazing, first place the lights on the tree, then the garlands, and then ornaments and other decors that you want to add on your tree.

You should also take into consideration the size of the tree to ensure the garlands you add don’t overshadow the Christmas tree. Place the tree strategically near power sockets and away from the path to avoid it being accidentally trodden on. Add a Christmas tree in your list of decor ideas this Christmas, and when you get it into your home, be creative and make it unique by adding decorations.

Cute Family Picture

2. Memorable Events Photos

How about you remind your family and friends about memories either from previous Christmases or other momentous events in your life? Pick some photos of your joyous events and place them in striking frames, and put them around the house. These photos could have been taken during graduation ceremonies, birthdays, and other happy moments. Avoid any pictures that may raise sad emotions – it is the festive season, and everybody wants to make merry and be happy.

Close Up Photography of Pine Cone in Tassel Bucket

3. Bowls with Ornaments

How about you fill jars with ornaments such as transparent glass stones, Christmas balls, and other unique collections. Then place the jars around the house in places such as a coffee table. Your interior will look incredible while at the same, your friends and children will keep themselves busy by playing around with the ornaments.

Christmas Wreath Hanging on the Door

4. Exploit the Power of Wreaths

Wreaths are incredible Christmas decor ideas that most people overlook. Instead of hanging paintings on your walls, why not replace them with wreaths? You can also hang them on windows, shelves, the fireplace, or even place them on the tables. Your imagination is the only limit to where you can put wreaths in your house. Choose the colour and style that best matches your interior theme to prevent them from looking out of place. You can have the wreaths made out of real trees to bring a fresh and soothing scent into your house.

Boy Beside Christmas Tree Illustration

5. Experiment with Lighting

You can spice up things in your home during Christmas using décor lights such as multi-coloured lights. You can place the lights along the walls, doors, windows, Christmas trees or replace bulbs with the ones that bring out the Christmas spirit in the home.

Green Indoor Potted Plant Lot

6. Potted Plants

Give your interior a greenish touch during this Christmas using potted plants. You can place the plants along with the steps or at the corners in the house. You can also hang or put them on the windows. Adding potted plants as decoration to your home will bring you and everybody in the house closer to nature. Besides, these plants release oxygen, which will keep the indoor air pure and fresh. You can hang small ornaments on these plants to make them look even more amazing.

Four Yellow Lighted Candles

7. Candles

Candles are another idea that you can use for your Christmas decorations. Candles will not only light up the house but also keep it warm. Better still, Christmas candles come in a wide range of scents for you to choose from. You can, therefore, give your interior a fragrance of your desire, such as Apple.

High Angle View of Christmas Decorations

8. Christmas Themed Pillows on Your Couch

During this Christmas, consider replacing your typical couch pillows with ones with a Christmas theme. They can bear warm Christmas messages, colours, Santa Claus images, or any other elements associated with Christmas.

Hot Chocolate In Cup With Christmas Book In Cozy Place

9. Christmas Books

Another idea for decorating your home during the Christmas holidays is by placing Christmas books on your coffee table and other places that children and your friends can easily access them. These books can be especially helpful to keep children busy and entertained as they read stories about Christmas. If you are expecting your guests to bring many children over, incorporate books that have more graphics than text to ensure they aren’t bored.

Clear Long Stem Drinking Glass

10. Decorate the dining table

Christmas cannot be complete without feasting. Therefore, decorating your dining table should be a priority in your to-do list. Dress the table using colourful mats and place other Christmas themed items on the table. Furthermore, serve holiday dishes and then have a bowl with an excellent fruit combination on the table to spice things.

You can’t enjoy your Christmas to the fullest when you haven’t decorated your home correctly. The above superb Christmas decoration ideas will help you to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. They will help you to create a beautiful environment that will be memorable to your friends and family. They will be looking forward to the Christmas holiday so that they can revisit your home.

Even though Christmas decorations make your home look and feel amazing, they end up consuming too much space, particularly for apartments in Singapore. For example, the potted plants, Christmas tree, wreaths, candles, and others will require a considerable amount of storage space in your home. This means you may end up running out of space for other valuables in your home. So, what should you do? Avoid the decor altogether? No, this is not the solution.

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