5 Factors For Choosing the Right Self Storage in Singapore

Issue: Jan 2019

5 Factors For Choosing the Right Self Storage in Singapore

The high population density in Singapore requires residents to make excellent use of space. In many cases, residents do not have enough storage space for all of their belongings in their own homes, so alternative storage solutions are often needed. One of the best ways to get extra storage space is to use a self storage provider.

Storage space in Singapore is available and less expensive than renting a second property and it can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. To find the best storage solution for your unique situation, you should evaluate some of the main considerations for choosing the right self storage services in Singapore.

1. Understand Why You Need Storage Space

Self storage is the right option for most individuals and small businesses, but you should make sure that you understand your needs thoroughly before diving into signing a contract with a provider. Some self storage in Singapore focuses on serving the residential sector while other providers are more focused on businesses, while most welcome both on equal terms.

Those who are moving to a new property may benefit from more flexible solutions while others who are moving abroad may opt for a different long-term arrangement. When you understand your storage needs before you enter the buying process, you can save both time and money by choosing a tailored solution that is designed for people facing similar problems.

2. Know What Items You Plan to Store

You should try to account for everything that you need to store so that you can select a storage unit with the right dimensions. Self storage providers in most parts of the world offer units that are very standardised in terms of size, but the importance of space optimisation in Singapore drives many local providers to offer extraordinary flexibility.

Make sure that your storage unit is larger than the biggest item that you plan to store. Evaluate a facility carefully to be certain that there is enough clearance in hallways, elevators, and entryways to bring your large items inside. Most importantly, meticulously measure the total volume of space that you require to avoid renting a second storage unit or wasting money on too much space.

3. Consider the Distance From Your Home

If you plan to live in Singapore throughout the term of your lease agreement, you should choose a storage facility that is near your home. Although Singapore is one of the smallest nations in the world, commuting 30 kilometres through dense urban traffic to get to your storage unit can be inconvenient. If you are only storing your personal belongings, you may want to find storage space that is within walking distance of your home. You should look for a provider like StorHub Singapore that offers different locations, so you can choose the facility which offers the greatest accessibility for you.

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4. Factor in Your Commute

Location is critical when choosing a self storage provider, but sometimes it’s difficult to find a storage unit near your house. You should, therefore, look for storage facilities that are near the places that you pass frequently. For instance, if you work in Singapore, you could look for a storage facility near your office or off an expressway that you use every day. Some buyers even look near their favourite restaurant, grocery store, or shopping mall for a storage space in Singapore that is convenient for them. Factoring in your commute can save you a significant amount of time and money, as you avoid having to go out of your way to access your storage unit.

5. Think About Your Living Situation

Singapore is a country where many residents come and go frequently. If you are a long-term resident of Singapore, it makes sense to consider a long-term agreement with a storage provider that is less expensive. On the other hand, you should only rent on a short-term basis if you plan to stay in Singapore for a limited amount of time.

Many self storage providers offer monthly arrangements that allow you to cancel your contract by serving a short notice period without penalty. Although you will pay a small premium for greater flexibility, you will avoid paying for services that you never use. If you spend a significant amount of time outside of Singapore, make sure that your self storage provider can guarantee availability throughout the period and safely store your belongings.

Choosing the Right Storage Solution

Self storage in Singapore should be selected with careful analysis. As with all real estate, storage units vary widely in terms of their location, size, and price. Paying more for a storage unit does not necessarily guarantee that you will get better results. You should ideally strive to buy from a flexible self storage provider like StorHub Singapore for a safe place to store your items. Get in touch with StorHub Singapore to find a storage unit that matches your needs today.

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