Jane - The Entrepreneur / Blog-Shopper

Issue: Feb 2016

Jane - The Entrepreneur / Blog-Shopper

In this day and age, there are perhaps all too many blogshop owners around, but we managed to catch Jane Tor – a hectic young entrepreneur who truly exemplifies the term “bustling bee” with her schedule.


By day, Jane spends the bulk of her time as a financial advisor at Singapore’s largest insurance company, Great Eastern Life. It’s a taxing profession, and yet this industrious busy bee still manages to find the time run her very own business on the side - a lovely blogshop called Shop At Charlie (www.shopatcharlie.com)!

As the site’s primary marketing person, Jane’s job scope involves working with bloggers and other blogshops, as well as sending packages to customers every day. This often means stockpiles of clothing and accessories are stacked up high, before being sorted out and packaged into crisp, brown envelopes, ready to be sent to each of her customers.

So where does Jane find all the storage space she needs for now?

“My partner’s place! Thankfully, he has a spare room to be able to fit all my packing materials and stock for Shop At Charlie. My house has no space to fit all that I need. We’re talking about stacks of clothing and accessories, and a dedicated space that I require to pack and sort out stuff to be sent out.”

Shop At Charlie is a labour of love fueled by ambition and independence. Jane genuinely enjoys what she does, which is why the weighty workload is barely a burden to her. “The thing I love most is when my friends tell me they love the products I bring in, because now I fully appreciate every single thing I buy. Behind every product seen on the website is a long chain of processes that had to happen. And I love being part of that process!”

Somehow, she finds the time to practise yoga, pole dance, go to the gym and even roller blade with her family every week. Every other month, she’s out traveling and scuba diving in exotic places. Her schedule may seem pretty packed, but according to Jane, all it takes to manage employment, passion and play is a simple arrangement of time. Organization is key, so it's not unusual to find Jane’s calendar pencilled in with detailed plans many weeks in advance.


From her early morning exercises to her mid-day work tasks, Jane is meticulous about planning for the future. That foresight similarly extends to her impending storage issues as well. While she currently keeps her blogshop goods over at her partner’s house, over time, she foresees utilising warehouses as her business expands to include a working office and a photoshoot studio.

“Requiring a bigger space will mean that Shop At Charlie has outgrown my partner’s place, which will be an incredible growth for the business. In a way, the space that StorHub can have for me will literally, be a symbol of a bigger dream I have in mind,” Jane shares wistfully.

And thankfully, StorHub will be around to provide the storage space to help Shop At Charlie grow!

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