Uses, features and benefits of using Self Storage in Singapore

Issue: Apr 2017

Uses, features and benefits of using Self Storage in Singapore

It seems like in the last five years, self storage in Singapore has certainly made waves in our industrial heartlands. From eight major operators to about 27 today, self storage customers in Singapore are definitely spoilt for choice.

The most common reasons why people choose to use self storage in Singapore are home moving, home renovation, requiring extra storage space for household items like Christmas decorations and old board games, as well as storing collectibles or lifestyle items like bicycles, golf bags or holiday clothes. Business users are hopping on board too, as small start-ups and blog shop operators choose to store their documents, inventory and equipment in self storage facilities. Even larger corporations are using self storage in Singapore to store accounting documents offsite for the stipulated 5 years.

Apart from the irresistible promotions and discounts, what attracts both personal and commercial users to self storage is the privacy, flexibility of lease, accessibility and availability of other amenities. Customers may also choose between air conditioned and non-air conditioned storage areas, and make use of general moving equipment like trolleys and pallet jacks. Majority of the self storage facilities in Singapore allow 24-hour access which means that if you have friends over and feel like a game of Monopoly, you may simply hop down to your storage facility to retrieve it and begin building your little red hotels at 3am if you wish to.

At certain industrial zones, you may come across several self storage operators almost side by side. Surely, Game Theory comes into play, whereby locating near your competitor reduces the amount of time customers have to travel to compare a product. Like car dealerships or computer stores, businesses may fair better when they are located near each other as that is where traffic will head to, and customers often feel more confident when they have compared one facility to another. Of course, the location of self storage facilities in Singapore could be due to the stringent landuse policies that allow only certain forms of businesses to operate in a particular location. But self storage operators know all about location! location! location! and it is almost too convenient to pick the most attractive location to house your valued Star Wars collection or customer invoices from 5 years ago just in case IRAS comes a-knocking. We don’t like it either, but you know they just might!

An IPSOS survey (2015) placed usage of self storage in Singapore at only 15%, behind Hong Kong at 23%. But while Singapore may boast one of the highest home ownership rates in the world, our living spaces are shrinking with bedrooms as small as 6 sqm. Which is why so many operators are jumping on the bandwagon and promoting lifestyle changes, encouraging people to save their $2k per sq. ft living area for their toddlers to roam safely and unencumbered.

There is even a Self Storage Association Asia that supports owners and operators so if your chosen facility is a member, you may be assured that they are informed of the latest regulations and operate in a transparent and professional capacity.

If this is your first venture into self storage in Singapore, there is no need to feel nervous about it. Arrange a visit with the Service Managers and make sure all your questions are answered and apprehensions are allayed. Our Service Executives at StorHub surely can’t wait for these visits!

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