StorHub meets rising demand of customers from all walks of life | LianHe Zao Bao

Issue: Feb 2024

StorHub meets rising demand of customers from all walks of life | LianHe Zao Bao

StorHub was recently featured in an article published by Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore’s largest Chinese language media, after our customers, Mr Amos Tan, Mr Ng Kheng Lun, Ms Ting Xiu Qin, as well as our Group Director of Operations, Luigi La Tona were interviewed by the publication.

The article highlighted that StorHub has experienced a 226% surge in demand during the pandemic. Luigi mentioned that the rising demand for storage is due to shrinking homes, the high population density, the increase in housing prices, and because hybrid work arrangements have now become entrenched.

In a recent survey commissioned by StorHub which was released on 14 January 2024 covering over 1000 respondents, key findings revealed that 60% of Singaporeans agree that they can be more productive if they have more space at home for work or study. 80% of Singaporeans value an additional 100 square feet (sq ft) of space at home at between S$250 and over S$1,000 a month. That is about the size of a HDB room. The survey which was conducted to ascertain Singaporeans’ perceptions of and attitudes towards space found that 62% of Singaporeans cleaned up or decluttered their homes to make space for home offices during the pandemic while 70% have retained their home office even after COVID-19 turned endemic.

StorHub personal storer of 12 years outside storage unit

In the interview, Mr Amos Tan shared that his 12-year storage journey began with StorHub back in 2012 when his daughter was born. That was when Mr Amos Tan and his wife decided to start storing some of their infrequently used items such as festive decorations, travel luggage, books and paintings in our facility in Changi which is near their residence.

As Chinese New Year is just around the corner, Mr Amos Tan has dropped by his 26 sq ft storage unit to retrieve his Spring Festival couplets and other festive decorations to go together with some new décor that he has bought for the year of the dragon in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebration. He also mentioned that StorHub has helped him to overcome storage challenges such as the lack of space at his condominium. Rather than upsizing his current condo to a new one that would cost about S$3 million dollars, Mr Amos Tan finds that it is much economical for him to rent a storage unit with us.

StorHub Lifestyle customer with display cabinet in storage area

Another StorHub customer who was interviewed by LianHe ZaoBao was Mr Ng Kheng Lun. He is an avid collector of limited-edition sneakers . Aside from renting a 65 sq ft storage unit with StorHub near his home in Serangoon, Mr Ng has also rented a 2 sq ft display cabinet at StorHub Lifestyle to showcase his growing collection of sneakers. He has been collecting these sneakers for many years and has decided to store them with us to better preserve his collection, to overcome storage challenges at home, and to put them on display at StorHub Lifestyle. He also pointed out that it is a great way to protect his collections and the shoe boxes from Singapore’s perpetually humid weather which would otherwise damage them or cause mould growth.

StorHub business storer with trolley and merchandise outside storage unit

StorHub customer, Ms Ting Xiu Qin, who is the business operations manager of Kakilang Minimart on Shopee manages the online store that sells household items such as laundry detergent and mops. StorHub was recommended to Ms Ting by a friend of hers after she did some research to find that warehouses would cost a lot more than renting a self storage unit. Ms Ting also mentioned that she loves that it is easy to find parking at our storage facility, convenient for her customers to drop by to check out her merchandise, and that our trolleys make loading and unloading her merchandise a breeze.

Whether you’re an avid collector, an ecommerce business owner, or you’re looking for storage for your household or festive items, StorHub’s 18 conveniently located storage facilities in Singapore offer flexible storage terms with an extensive range of storage unit sizes from 4 to 2,000 sq ft to meet all your storage needs.

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