StorHub Offers Value-Added Services and Amenities That Set Us Apart | Singapore Business Review

Issue: Feb 2024

StorHub Offers Value-Added Services and Amenities That Set Us Apart | Singapore Business Review

In a recent interview with Singapore Business Review which highlights self storage operators introducing additional services and amenities to stand out from the crowd, our Group Director of Operations, Luigi La Tona, shared about what sets StorHub apart from the rest.

StorHub introduced our newly launched online booking system in December 2023 that is now up and running for all 18 of our storage facilities in Singapore, thereby allowing all our customers in Singapore to book or reserve a storage unit directly on our website without having to visit their preferred or nearest facility. StorHub customers can now book or reserve a storage unit from the comfort of their own home or even while they’re on the go. Luigi pointed out that the online shopping landscape has been continuously evolving and we have seen a rise in online sales with a lot of people now accustomed to buying things online. Making it possible for customers to book and reserve storage units online helps StorHub to differentiate the brand from our competitors.

Another outstanding selling point that attracts StorHub customers is the flexibility that we offer, such as the extensive range of storage unit sizes that we offer, our flexible storage terms that make upsizing and downsizing units according to their storage needs feasible, and 24/7 storage access. Luigi also suggests that customers make the most of the high vertical spaces of StorHub’s storage units which can go up to 3.5 metres high. He highlights that this is especially handy for those customers who prefer some of our central locations such as our facilities in Toa Payoh and Kallang but find that their preferred storage unit size at those locations have a higher price point. He recommends that in such cases, customers who are keen on renting a storage unit at a facility in a central location can rent a smaller unit, try reorganising their items inside, and use the vertical spaces to their advantage so that their storage needs can still being fulfilled.

Winebanc customer using wine locker

In Singapore, our wine storage facilities under the brand, Winebanc, are located in Delta House, Toa Payoh, and Kallang and boast a total of over 500 wine cellars and lockers. More than 95% of the units across the three Winebanc facilities are now filled.

Aside from our online booking system and wine storage facilities, we offer a premium and secure self storage space, StorHub Lifestyle, which has a smart entry system within the storage area and is made for passionate small business owners, collectors and avid hobbyists. StorHub Lifestyle suits the needs of customers who are building their collections or entrepreneurs growing a small business. StorHub Lifestyle’s amenities include a broadcast room where customers can carry out live streaming and a communal lounge which are great for them as they go about pursuing what they’re passionate about.

Luigi added that of StorHub’s customer base, close to 70% of our customers’ homes are within five kilometres of our 18 facilities in Singapore with storage unit sizes from 50 sq ft to 70 sq ft being the most popular among our customers.

Director of Research Consultancy for Asia Pacific at global real estate firm JLL, Peter Guevarra, believes that demand for self storage spaces will likely remain stable because of factors like the entrenchment of hybrid work arrangements, home-based learning, people picking up new hobbies and the increasing popularity of online shopping.

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