4 Tips for a hassle-free renovation

Issue: Jul 2021

4 Tips for a hassle-free renovation

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has caused delays and a major backlog in the construction industry in Singapore. Approximately 85 per cent of BTO projects that had been in the works previously are behind schedule by about six to nine months. As Covid-19 infections continue to soar all around the world, the industry is having trouble ensuring adequate manpower to catch up on their work. If your home is currently undergoing a renovation, why not make use of the following tips that we are sharing in this article to minimise the stress that comes with it.

1. Set aside one room

If you are giving your home a partial makeover and several rooms are getting renovated, try to make sure at least one of those rooms is left unmodified. This is the room you are setting aside for you and your family to hang out in and where all your possessions will be kept during the ongoing renovation. Even if you are on friendly terms with the contractors, safety precautions should be taken. Either choose a room that already has door locks installed or invest in a sturdy one. There is no harm in erring on the side of caution when you are in your own home, where keeping your family and property safe is your top priority. You probably have many items that you wish to fit into that one room, so much so that it will feel too crammed for you and your family. Storing those items away in a storage unit at StorHub Self Storage might be the way to go.

Prior to the renovation, make sure you have gathered all your necessities, removed items that could obstruct the contractors when they are working or fragile appliances and furniture that could get damaged when the project is in progress. Your home is bound to be filled with dust and debris with all the drilling and hammering going on. Remember to dustproof your walls, floors, furniture, and household items with plastic covering to protect them from dust.

Don’t deviate from your routines

2. Don’t deviate from your routines

Getting a home renovation does not mean that you cannot continue to follow your daily routines as much as possible. When your life is thrown out of whack, that is when you will feel stressed out having to come up with new ideas to go about your daily life differently when certain parts of your home are temporarily inaccessible. For instance, continue to get up and go to bed at the same time every day, have your meals at the usual time with your family, and go to the gym on the same days of the week.

Your kitchen may be out of bounds to you for now and your refrigerator is likely disconnected from the power outlet. Consider stocking up on non-perishable food items that have a longer shelf life. You can also prepare simple but healthy food alternatives like sandwiches or wraps instead of keep ordering takeaway food. That way you can still get the nutritional benefits from what you eat while spending quality time with your family at home.

Go for something that suits your kids’ fancy and needs

3. Go for something that suits your kids’ fancy and needs

When it comes to your kids’ spaces, make sure you keep in mind that the bittersweet reality is that they will outgrow their possessions and the furnishings in their current room in years to come. Make sure that the new bed and study desk you choose are not going to be too small for them by the time they are in their late adolescence. Why not let them have a say in the choosing of the designs of what goes into their very own room so that the overall style of it will be to their liking at the end of the remodelling process. Limit the number of options to two to three for each type of item they are choosing so that the situation does not get out of hand. For instance, they can decide on the colours of the walls, table lamp or bedroom door, and choose the print or theme of the bedding or curtain.

4. Treat yourself to a change of scenery

Treat yourself to a change of scenery
Photo credit: Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore

At the end of the day, it is all about making the entire remodelling project as smooth-sailing and stress-free as possible for everyone. If getting out of the house during the hours of renovation each day still disrupts your life and is too overwhelming for your kids to take in, you can consider booking a staycation at a prestigious luxury hotel and serviced apartment like the award-winning Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore. Eligible guests who choose the Retreat From Renovation package can now get StorHub Self Storage vouchers valued at $300. These vouchers can be used to sign up for a storage unit from any of the 13 StorHub storage facilities in Singapore to get your items out of the way as your home is being renovated.

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