5 Ways to Tell if You’re Adapting Well to the New Normal

Issue: Jul 2021

5 Ways to Tell if You’re Adapting Well to the New Normal

With COVID-19 likely here to stay, and more and more official sources projecting that it may become endemic (i.e. always around), the "New Normal" is coming, if not already here. With it comes a drastic change in the way we will have to live, play, and work. Are you well prepared and adjusted for life in this new era? Here are some ways you can tell.

1) You've Got Your Vaccine

Being vaccinated against COVID-19 protects you from its severe or life-threatening effects, even though it may not necessarily stop you from being infected. Getting vaccinated provides more assurance and allows you to live with the virus, feeling at worst like you're just having a cold.

Although the vaccination is completely voluntary, everyone is highly encouraged to get their vaccinations to mitigate the risks of the pandemic and prevent health complications should such a need arise. It is better to be safe than sorry!

2) You Don't Leave Home Without Sanitiser

Another clear sign that you're well adjusted to the New Normal is that you leave home with a bottle of hand sanitiser.

Hygiene is key and you know it. Your key weapon is the all-powerful bottle of sanitiser that you use to kill germs on your hands, before and after you touch any surface. You've invested in bottles of all shapes and sizes, so that every bag you own has one inside.

Alternatively, wash your hands with soap whenever possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from germs and bacteria. Proper hand hygiene is one of the key measures that can be used to reduce the chances of you being exposed to, being infected with, or even spreading COVID-19 and viruses in general.

3) Your Mask is Colour-Coordinated

Colour-coordinated face masks

When the pandemic first started, people wore masks as emergency measures, then slowly as necessary tools for protection. You've come to accept that masks are going to be a regular mainstay and permanent part of life for the foreseeable future--so why not look good in them?

You've gone from the basic cloth and surgical masks to shopping for different coloured ones, some customised with designs and different exotic fabric on the exterior. Mornings spent deciding what to wear have grown longer, with the need to coordinate your mask and its colour with your attire to take your #OOTD!

4) Switching to Virtual Gatherings

With rules and regulations on the capacity for social gatherings, you’ve come to embrace smaller physical gatherings even on festive occasions like Hari Raya or the Chinese New Year.

On the brighter side, the pandemic has accelerated digitalisation, and you can now take your physical social gatherings to the virtual world as an alternative by tapping onto free tools such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype. The good news about conducting a virtual gathering is that there is no limit to the number of participants, and you can still have fun by playing games or streaming a movie together.

5) You've Cleared Space for a Permanent Home Office

You've Cleared Space for a Permanent Home Office

One of the hallmark features of the pandemic is the shift from offices to working from home. Simply working at home isn’t a sign of adapting well to the New Normal -- it also comes when you've fully accepted and internalised the shift to home, by formally carving out a permanent space for your home office.

No more working ad hoc from the sofa or the dining table. Being prepared for work-from-home means you've decluttered part of your house or room, and set up the right furnishings and ambient decorations to put you in the right productive mood. Alternatively, you’ve cleared your desk of unwanted items to minimise distractions and enhance your working environment.

Organising and storing away the items that clutter your workspace is the best way to adapt to your new working environment at home. The wise will even rent a personal self storage space in conveniently-located storage facilities provided by convenient and affordable providers such as StorHub, to pack away the items and documents that they don't frequently need, but still need to keep, for reference or otherwise.

StorHub is an award winning self storage provider that fulfils your personal storage needs and allows you to create more storage space at home and in the office. At StorHub, your items will be safeguarded in a secured storage facility with 24-hour CCTV surveillance, so you can rest assured. StorHub offers a wide range of storage unit sizes to cater to different personal storage needs, and the best part? Since your storage units are accessible 24/7, you can add more items or retrieve your existing ones whenever you need to.

Are You Well Adapted?

The New Normal is upon us, and COVID-19 is here to stay. If you haven't prepared to live with it yet, you ought to start. Start shaping your life and your personal space with StorHub!

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