5 Types of Storers & 5 Reasons to Store!

Issue: Apr 2023

5 Types of Storers & 5 Reasons to Store!

There are many reasons why people need self storage. These reasons are as diverse as the many customers who come through the doors of our 18 self storage facilities across the island. That said, as Singapore’s first self storage operator with close to 20 years of experience under our belt, we’ve been serving customers long enough to notice some interesting trends. So here’s our take on five types of storers and five reasons you might need self storage.

The Collector

This storer is perhaps the most misunderstood of them all. The Collector is driven by pure passion — for books or shoes, action figurines or dolls… you name it, someone probably collects it. While others may dismiss The Collector as a hoarder, we think it’s admirable that they not only seek to own, they know how to treasure what’s important to them.

The Entrepreneur

self storage facilities for business

The savvy business owner knows that chasing sales is just half the battle when it comes to turning a profit — reducing costs is just as important. So instead of taking out an office lease and adding thousands of dollars to their monthly overheads, The Entrepreneur opts for self storage facilities to hold inventory and business records in a safe, secure and convenient location. Now, that’s smart.

The Home Seller & Mover

self storage for home

The Home Seller understands that an attractive home will appeal to potential buyers, so cleaning up and decluttering their home is an essential first step to selling it. Self storage is perfect for them because their precious belongings are not only safe, but also easily accessible any time, any day. The Home Seller evolves into The Mover after their home is sold and their belongings need temporary shelter.

The Boarder

self storage unit singapore

The Boarder is an international student living in a dormitory or boarding house where personal space is limited but belongings continue to grow. When school break comes and it’s time to empty out the room before returning home or going on a well-deserved trip, The Boarder is savvy enough to pack everything into a self storage unit — safe, secure and convenient!

The Hobbyist

self storage for sports equipment

The Hobbyist, like The Collector, is driven by passion but rather than a need to own and admire, the Hobbyist needs equipment to enjoy their passion. We most commonly meet The Sports Hobbyist (you’d be surprised at how much space sporting equipment like cycling gear, golf clubs and racquets need!) and The Hands-on Hobbyist (especially painters, crafters and carpenters).

So, which type of storer are you? Whether you fall within our list or not, be assured that we have a self storage facility in Singapore for you. Click here to calculate your space requirements and understand your options.

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