7 Types Of Storage Units: Reasons Why You Should Invest In One In Singapore

Issue: Mar 2019

7 Types Of Storage Units: Reasons Why You Should Invest In One In Singapore

If you're having trouble finding enough room to store all of your possessions, a self storage unit might be just what you need. Here at StorHub Self Storage, we provide a variety of different storage sizes to suit your needs. Learn more about how a storage unit can change your living situation for the better and the storage options we offer.

Benefits of Self Storage

Everyone wants to have enough room to store all of the things that are important to them. From old schoolwork to furniture, having the right amount of storage space for your beloved possessions is important, but the restrictions of urban living in Singapore can sometimes put a damper on your urge to keep track of all of your stuff.

Instead of getting rid of the things that matter to you, it might make sense to trust professionals to look after your stuff. You can get an affordable storage unit in a variety of different sizes, and these storage solutions provide you with a way to clear out your home without getting rid of your precious memories.

These types of storage solutions can also come in handy in temporary living situations. For instance, if you&'re staying with friends for a while or you’ve rented a temporary apartment, it can be helpful to put some of your stuff in storage while you wait to find a permanent place to stay.

You may even want to rent a storage space while you're in the process of selling your house or apartment. When you're showing your home to potential buyers, it should look as clean as possible, and moving some of your clutter into a storage unit can improve your chances of selling quickly. Whether you're looking for a short-term solution or a long-term place to put your stuff, a storage unit might be just what you need.

Types of Storage Units

Depending on the items that you want to store, one storage unit size may be better than another. Here are some examples of the storage sizes we offer:

1. Locker (11 sq ft)

The locker measures 11 square feet or 1 square meter, and this type of storage solution offers 4.2 feet or 1.3 meters of vertical space. This size is perfect for storing books, toys, suitcases, archival boxes, or electronic devices.

2. Small (25 sq ft)

This storage unit size offers 25 square feet or 2.3 square meters of space. Like most of our storage unit options, the Small unit is 8.5 feet high, and it can hold the contents of an average small room. For instance, it’s possible to store smaller types of furniture in this storage unit size, and you can easily stack over a dozen medium-sized boxes in a Small unit.

3. Medium (50 sq ft)

At 50 square feet or 4.7 square meters, the Medium storage unit size offers twice the space as the Small size. Therefore, it’s possible to store larger types of furniture in this type of storage unit. The Medium unit measures 10 feet long, so as long as the type of furniture you want to store isn’t more than five feet wide or 8.5 feet tall, you can store it in one of these units. Plus, you can use a Medium unit to store appliances, boxers, or even office furniture.

4. Super Medium (65 sq ft)

Like the Medium unit, the Super Medium storage unit is 10 feet long, but at 6.5 feet wide, it offers an extra 1.5 feet of width to work with. This type of storage unit offers 64 square feet of total space, and it’s perfect for storing appliances like refrigerators or washing machines. Plus, you can even store a king mattress in a Super Medium storage unit as long as you stand it on end.

5. Large (96 sq ft)

The Large size offers 96 square feet or 9 square meters of storage space. At 9.8 by 9.8 feet wide, this storage unit is big enough to store an average sectional sofa, and it can also hold other types of furniture like dressers of bookcases. You can store a variety of different types of merchandise in a Large unit, and this type of storage unit is big enough to hold dozens of large boxes.

6. Extra Large (150 sq ft)

This storage unit size offers a whopping 150 square feet or 14 square meters of space. The Extra Large unit can fit the complete contents of a three-bedroom apartment, and it’s possible to store items like sofas alongside beds and dressers in this type of storage unit.

StorHub Super Large Self Storage 280 sq ft

7. Super Large (280 sq ft)

The Super Large is the biggest storage option we offer, and it can fit the contents of a four-bedroom apartment. With 280 square feet or 26 square meters to work with, this storage unit size is big enough to fit all of your furniture, sports equipment, and storage boxes with ease. It’s even big enough to fit a full-size exhibition booth.

Get the Storage You Need in Singapore with StorHub

Here at StorHub Self Storage, we provide affordable storage solutions in a variety of different sizes. When you run out of space to store all of your stuff, there’s no reason to worry: Just request a free quote today to learn more about the storage solutions that will give you the space you need at home to stretch out and relax.

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