Short tips to keep your home clutter-free

Issue: Apr 2019

Short tips  to keep your home clutter-free

Carly M. Thornock, a professor at Brigham Young University has proven that messy homes leave us feeling stressed, helpless and even overwhelmed at times (2013). Hence, it is important to stay organised and keep our living spaces clutter and stress-free. Here are some of our top tips that you can implement immediately to do so.

Baskets: The multi-role storage bin

Baskets are a simple yet extremely functional tool that you can use to organise nearly everything. They also come in a variety of shapes, textures and sizes, which means you can use them as décor pieces to enhance the space at home. From bigger items like your old stuffed animal toys to smaller ones like miscellaneous craft supplies, choose baskets that fit your requirements.

Curtains: The oft-overlooked gamechanger

Curtains are a deceptively versatile tool that can be pushed to do more than filter light entering certain areas. Use it as a partition to help you create zones in your room. For example, split up the sleeping and study area in your bedroom so that it will you can better get into the right headspace when hitting the books. You also use curtains to cover up different parts of your house. Have a messy laundry area? Corden it off with curtains! Don’t like how your shoe area blends with the interior design of your house? Block it with curtains!

S-Hooks: The small but mighty tool

There are so many different types of cooking equipment in the kitchen, yet space is a big constrain. Instead of just stacking your pots and pans up, why not use the S-Hook and start hanging equipment up? Not only will you free up space on the kitchen counter to do the actual cooking, you also make things easier to access. Another area this tool excels in is the cleaning closet. Hang up your brooms and dustpans are free up storage space on the floor.

Colour Tags: The visual indicator

Adding a simple coloured sticker to your cleaning flow will make things so much easier. Tag your belongings based on categories and the next time you’re packing up, a simple glance at the colour is all you need to instantly know where everything belongs. This even works on documents! Colour code the different important (for example, insurance letters and bills) so that you can quickly identify which hardcopy file you require.

StorHub: The space creator

All the previous tips mentioned have a common limitation; When the space at your place is simply not enough, and you are in dire need of a safe and secure home away from home to help you declutter effectively. There is an affordable solution to this: renting a self storage unit at StorHub! You will be able to move the things that you hold dear but are scattered around at your dwelling to our self storage facility so you can make room for the things you reach for regularly and maximise your storage space at home. This keeps your house organised and potentially lowers your stress levels.

Want to find out more? Get an instant quote at or simply call 6337 2000 and we will be glad to advise you on the best option that fits your needs. Accessible 24/7, you won’t have to worry about the location being too far, as there are 13 locations island-wide.

Source - The Direct and Indirect Effects of Home Clutter on Parenting

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