How businesses and unions can work together to help the market recover | INDVSTRVS

Issue: Sep 2020

How businesses and unions can work together to help the market recover | INDVSTRVS

In an interview with INDVSTRVS, our COO, Luigi La Tona discussed how businesses and unions’ concerted efforts can aid market recovery and that Singapore is still a great place for business due to its ideal geographical location, legal structure, polyglots and well-read people. Unions ensure that employees stay up to speed on macro issues while helping them to upskill themselves to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

As space is at a premium in Singapore and product awareness for self storage is low, StorHub has been catching the wave and managed to grow amidst the pandemic by marketing our product. With most of our staff apart from customer-facing representatives working from home, having video conferences frequently helps to maintain the productivity of employees and also acts as a support system for each other. To keep the ball rolling for StorHub, we make sure to keep in touch with customers to keep ourselves informed of any concerns and issues they may have. Our staff have also been trained to empathise with customers’ concerns and be on top of handling them appropriately and in a timely manner. We have our customers’ best interests at heart, which is why we have been offering discounts on storage rental fees, storage lease extensions and transport services.

Working closely with the government and trade associations as well as taking on Smart Nation initiatives which guide Singapore’s digital transformation is imperative in driving our economy. StorHub has also stepped up to the plate by incorporating technology into the customer service experience and other facets of our business operations. We are cognizant that technology along with making learning and upskilling opportunities available to employees is of utmost importance to the business.

The government has introduced new policies and provided financial aid to help tide over businesses hit hard by the pandemic. Luigi believes that affordable and free marketing will bring in business for SMEs and help the company to become more lucrative. Partnerships with curated operators who specialise in something that can help improve the company’s products and services can even save cost while making a profit for the business. There’s also no better time than now to automate processes with technology and software in preparation for the post-pandemic world when the economy recovers and business picks up.

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