Samira Badt - Founder of Badt & Co.

Issue: Mar 2020

Samira Badt - Founder of Badt & Co.

When you have a business that straddles both the online and offline areas, you run the risk of over extending your resources.

Most start-ups are rich on ideas but need to be mindful of operating costs. Hence, making the right decisions that will grow the business become vital.

For Samira Badt, her move to Singapore in 2014 proved fortuitous. It allowed her the opportunity to start her own business.


The Canary Island native wanted to bring to Singapore something from her home country that would be easily acceptable. The humble espadrille, which has a long history and has become more recently associated with Spain, seemed like a perfect offering for Badt & Co.

The shoes are special for their soles made from jute. They are lightweight and the manufacturer, Gaimo, in Spain has made contemporary versions of the shoe.

Since she receives five shipments of shoes annually for her physical stores in Singapore and online space, Samira needed a place that would allow her to store the espadrilles safely.

She had used previous storage facilities, but decided to move to StorHub for its cleanliness, convenience, 24/7 security, elevators that work, and helpful staff.

Using StorHub, with its air-conditioned self storage spaces, allows Samira to scale her storage requirements according to the fashion seasons, and when new products arrive.

"The staff are very accommodating and this facility is large enough that I can use a spare unit to have my shows here, too," Samira adds.

For a start-up, such flexibility is invaluable in keeping a business running.

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