Shareen Lim - Director and Trainer, Fashion Makerspace

Issue: Mar 2020

Shareen Lim - Director and Trainer, Fashion Makerspace

Like many small business owners, Shareen Lim finds the cost of space a major constraint in Singapore.

The former real estate professional saved up enough money to pursue her true passion — to become a fashion designer.

She studied in the US, interning with fashion brand BCBG. In that time, she benefitted from the sharing culture, which allowed her to sharpen her designing skills. When she returned to Singapore, Shareen wanted to impart some of that knowledge to anyone who wanted to learn the craft.

She set up Fashion Makerspace with a few partners in 2014.

The interest in her makerspace grew, and over the years Fashion Makerspace has helped more than 5,000 customers learn the basics of fashion.

Like many start-ups, the challenges of setting up a business included the need for a space to showcase her offering, and an office. Shareen decided she didn’t need an office, opting instead to get a self storage facility that would allow her 24/7 access and security.

"We have been shifting from place to place. We need our space to be conducive," Shareen explains.

When a student introduced her to StorHub, she decided to try it, and has been very pleased with the location, the helpful staff and the convenience of on-site parking which allows her to transport the tools of her trade — from files to sewing machines — to her storage space.

Regardless of where she conducts her classes, Shareen knows she has a constant place that she can use as her base of operations.

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