StorHub Offers Storage Solutions To Reno King For A 4-Room HDB Home Refurbishment

Issue: Feb 2022

StorHub Offers Storage Solutions To Reno King For A 4-Room HDB Home Refurbishment

Tag along with Ryan and Isabelle from Reno King in Isabelle’s vlogs to find out the work and effort that went into furnishing and beautifying her home and discover reputable retailers they have visited when they went on a fun-filled furniture shopping spree for her renovated 4-room HDB. Just like Isabelle, there are many other residential customers and homeowners who have embarked on a similar journey to buy furniture and fixtures, and store away their possessions while awaiting the completion of their home renovation. In this vlog, you get to follow Isabelle as she goes in quest of furniture, flooring and bathroom fittings, find out where they shop for their home furnishings and how the entire process can be made easy and smooth sailing with the help of a reliable self storage provider.

If your abode is also undergoing a renovation, consider following in Isabelle’s footsteps by categorising your clothes into a donation pile of garments you no longer wish to keep, a favourite pile of frequently worn clothes that you wear in rotation, and a so-so pile of apparels you can’t bear to part with but rarely reach for. You can also be a considerate and thoughtful neighbour like Isabelle by making a kind gesture to drop off baked treats at your neighbours’ unit or simply go over to them personally to give them a heads-up about the potential noise and disturbance that the upcoming renovation works will cause.

StorHub has been a part of Isabelle’s journey of renovation through understanding and fulfilling Ryan and Isabelle’s storage requirements while ensuring that their storage unit can accommodate both of their belongings and furniture. . If you need a storage space like Ryan and Isabelle do, now is your chance to become yet another satisfied customer of StorHub. Visit to get a quote and start storing with StorHub today!

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