Tips for getting extra storage space

Issue: Jul 2017

Tips for getting extra storage space

Remember Cosplay Dad who has to vacate his room for Project Babyroom “Blog When do people choose to use personal storage, 13/05/2017“? Six months prior to the imminent arrival of New Baby, he is mapping out a situation analysis when Google unfolds the term “self storage” to him. With 24-hour unlimited access and the privacy of storing personal and lifestyle accessories, safekeeping his collection in a storage space is looking more promising than ever. Here are some tips for that may help those of you that are dipping your toes into self storage.

What are you storing? Size matters!

Knowing exactly what you will be storing is essential. Self storage in Singapore offers a dynamic spread of individual units of different sizes, and service staff will quote you based on the items you have earmarked to go into the storage unit. Check if large items are collapsible or can be dismantled, as this can save space and money. Have a list of all the bulky as well as miscellaneous items, the number of boxes you have and if you are storing items that have special requirements.

Once you know what you intend to keep in the storage space, you will need to consider the various unit sizes that are available and whether you prefer to use the air conditioned area or non-air conditioned one. If the contents of your whole costume studio are going in, including Spiderman’s ever-changing spandex suits, props, Captain America shields, and glass display of Iron Man masks, as well as your trusted partner in crime (fighting) – grandma’s sewing machine, it’s likely you need at least a 50 sq. ft. unit or half of a standard common bedroom size space. If you intend to replicate your studio in the storage space, displaying the full-length mirror and runway space, a 100 sq. ft. or one common bedroom size unit may be luxuriously suitable. Ironically, the more Type A you are with your list, the more accurately you may be able to gauge the size of unit that you need.

Find the most convenient location and get a quote

With this list in hand, it’s time to go online to find the nearest or most convenient self storage facility to you. While most regular people prefer one that is close to home or near their workplace, one or two would choose the storage facility located closest to the venue of the next Cosplay event. Whichever the case, good websites would have a feature that enables you to select the unit size required and after keying in relevant details, a quotation will be sent to you via email. Once you have received the quotations, make all the price comparisons you need, then arrange a visit to the site to view the actual storage space.

Visit the storage facility

Visiting the self storage facility before you make your final decision enables you to decide if rental rate is the only determining factor, or whether the availability of other amenities also plays a role. Take for example this tip for regular people – pianos that need to go into a storage space in Singapore should be in an area with lower humidity, or check if the facility has power points and if you are allowed to plug in the heating element. Tip for Cosplay Dad – is there lighting in the storage space that allows you to view your fantastical collection in its full glory? In both cases, how willing are the managers to work with you to provide what you require? If you get the Homura Akemi look, you may consider searching elsewhere. But if a collaboration is viable, reserve the storage unit of choice or sign up for it right away!

Pack up and Move in

The future looks brighter for Cosplay Dad now that he does not have to discard his works of art. All there is to be done is to pack up and send the treasures to the storage space, lock up and let the costume bonanza begin!

Love It? Store It!