Yamaji Kenichiro - Collector

Issue: Feb 2020

Yamaji Kenichiro - Collector

Retiree Yamaji Kenichiro has fallen for Hatsune Miku.

The former optician from Osaka chanced upon the virtual singer and has since become an ardent fan. His passion for collecting the Hatsune Miko merchandise has forced him to make space for her in his homes in Osaka, and Singapore.

That wasn’t enough, so he turned to his next best bet, the safety of a secure, air-conditioned self storage unit at StorHub.

Like many expatriates who travel the region, Kenichiro likes to ensure his valuables are in a well-maintained, clean self storage facility with round-the-clock security.

yamaji collection

His collection of dolls and memorabilia, as well as VCDs of Chinese films, are safely stored here for convenience. As Kenichiro lives reasonably close by, he finds the 24/7 access convenient, and the staff helpful.

As he lives around 10 months in a year in Singapore, Kenichiro occasionally visits his well-maintained unit to add new acquisitions, or gaze upon his collection.

When not in one of his homes, Kenichiro spends his time attending comic conventions and visiting stores in the region to hunt down Hatsune Miku collectibles he may not already have in his possession.

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