StorHub Does Its Part For Movember

Issue: Dec 2021

StorHub Does Its Part For Movember

To dial up our efforts to do good, StorHub has started spreading the word about the Movember movement this November. Our Singapore CEO, Luigi La Tona, also shared a photo of his ravishing self, rocking a handlebar moustache as a kick-start for our employees to show everyone that the sky is the limit as long as you put your mind to something!

Together, Team StorHub joins in the movement where the gentlemen at StorHub started growing a moustache in support of this fun-filled good cause to raise awareness. Spot our fun and caring StorHub Group CEO, Mike Hagbeck and CEO of Asia Pacific, Bharad joining the movement. Needless to say, as we pride ourselves to be an inclusive team at StorHub regardless of our gender, we all gladly joined as well.

To share, the leading charity, Movember, has helped turn men’s life around on a global scale through mental wellness and suicide prevention and by focusing on helping those with prostate and testicular cancer. The charity now has 6 million supporters and has funded more than 1,250 innovative projects in 20 countries, helping men improve their health, and lead a happier and longer life.

We believe awareness should not end here and so we’ve put together some tips if you would like to jump on the Movember bandwagon today by growing a moustache, and do it in style:

  • Keep it squeaky clean: Once you’ve committed to a shape of your choice, do give just as much attention to the skin underneath your moustache when it comes to cleaning it. Washing and conditioning your moustache to get rid of food remnants and old skin cells can alleviate the itching too!
  • Stick to the right tools: Avoid an electric shaver and go for a pair of scissors or a razor to ensure you won’t go overboard when trimming away bits of your moustache.
  • Trim away to minimise flyaways: Keep your moustache looking neat by trimming it slightly once every three to four days to reduce unruly hairs, to ensure that your hairs grow in the same direction, keeping them tamed and tangle-free. Consider investing in a pair of grooming scissors and setting your moustache with a light coat of wax.
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