The importance of decluttering your mind and space | NUYOU

Issue: Sep 2020

The importance of decluttering your mind and space | NUYOU

Our COO, Luigi La Tona, and his wife, Joyce, got interviewed by NuYou recently and touched on how the pandemic has changed their lives and gave some useful advice. One of the issues faced by many who have been working in the comfort of their own homes is not having a dedicated space for their workstation. He found that not having a dedicated space for work and leisure at home during the circuit breaker also caused him to get carried away and work past the designated working hours. Rather than setting aside time to declutter and making space at home, many of us have also ended up shifting clutter around the house which can only make matters worse by creating more clutter.

During the circuit breaker, Luigi found himself inadvertently developing some bad habits like overindulging in his wife’s baked goods which caused him to put on weight. To counteract that, he started doing more workouts on his bicycle. As he started taking this hobby more seriously, he got himself a new bicycle as well as gear and accessories for it. All the newly bought items made him realise that there simply was not enough space at home for everything to fit. Luigi’s pointer for those trying to turn good hobbies into habits is to enjoy the process, be patient and slowly but surely integrate it into your life.

Many people are meeting the challenges of space constraints head-on due to the pandemic and the stress brought about by a lack of space is one of the reasons some of our new customers came to us. Luigi pointed out that upsizing our homes by moving into a new one as the solution may not be feasible. Instead, he believes that decluttering greatly benefits our mental wellbeing and recommends that we implement the 3 Ds - Dispose, Donate, and Declutter. Once you have taken the time to go through your items to decide what to dispose and donate, it is time to declutter. Identifying the non-essential items at home that we value to be stored away at a secure storage facility is a good start. Some of these non-essential items may be things that you have grown emotionally attached to, like your kids’ awards and artwork from school, cooking equipment, sports gear, collections, winterwear, furniture not in use at the moment and more. Another tip to keep our homes organised is to add multifunctional or versatile furniture like beds with storage compartments, collapsible tables, fold-up mattresses and so forth.

Luigi and his wife, Joyce, both believe that a great way to stay composed amidst the new normal is to remember that we are the creators of our own happiness and to live in the moment. Luigi believes that it helps to take solace in the fact that we are all in the same boat during this pandemic. Joyce’s advice is to not allow yourself to get hung up on trivial matters and to stay appreciative of the positive aspects of our lives.

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