Sole Superior: The Founders Of Singapore’s Largest Sneaker And Streetwear Convention

Issue: Mar 2022

Sole Superior: The Founders Of Singapore’s Largest Sneaker And Streetwear Convention

To the co-founders of Sole Superior, Dexter and Jonathan, being a sneakerhead means more than having an enviable collection of shoes; it's a hobby that acknowledges a whole lot of history behind each and every pair.

Their collecting doesn’t just stop at shoes either. From signed records and posters, clothing and caps, skateboards and even toys, they’ve each amassed an impressive range of merchandise and memorabilia over the years.

Since the pair met while waiting in line for a sneaker release at the Leftfoot store about a decade ago, their collections have grown alongside them into new phases of life. Between them, they’ve hit several “adulting” milestones: Dexter’s BTO flat will be ready in 2023, and family man Jonathan just began a new job this year. Nevertheless, their collections will always serve as a reminder of the interests and passions that have shaped who they are.

In space-constrained Singapore, having a large collection does create a happy problem for any collector though – even more so when each new phase of life comes with more belongings and responsibilities. Enter StorHub Lifestyle, which has highly sought-after reliable storage solutions for these long-time streetwear and pop culture enthusiasts.

StorHub Lifestyle storage area

The latest addition to StorHub’s range of services has launched exclusively at StorHub Toa Payoh, a central heartland location that provides convenience and accessibility for storers at every stage of life. Dexter and Jon can drop by their shared storage space to store and retrieve items using a digital smart lock that all StorHub Lifestyle storage units have been installed with for unrestricted 24/7 keyless access. Both of them can securely access the unit even when the other person is not around since StorHub Lifestyle customers can allow authorised personnel to enter their storage unit. This haven for your lifestyle needs is housed in a cosy, modern and welcoming space, which can also be shared with loved ones, friends, and selected guests.

Dexter and Jon took us on a trip down memory lane by sharing the stories behind their collections.

Sole superior Dexter in StorHub storage unit

As an avid fan of basketball and hip-hop culture, Dexter started his passion for collecting sneakers since his schooling days.

“I always got clowned in school for wearing generic basketball shoes during training,” he says with a chuckle. “All the best players had the nicest shoes!”

That’s why his first pair of Nike Terminator Zoom Low ‘Syracuse’ sneakers in the orange and navy colourway holds such a special place in his heart: they even matched his junior college house colours perfectly. And while he’s gone through several pairs of the same model over the years, the final pair has finally found a home in StorHub Lifestyle’s air-conditioned storage unit, which provides a protective barrier to keep dust and humidity to a minimum.

Nike terminator shoes in storage unit

As he grew older and got better-paying jobs, he finally had the means to get his hands (and feet) on the kicks he had coveted as a teenager. Eighteen-year-old Dexter and Jonathan would never have dreamed that they would one day have the opportunity to mingle with like-minded enthusiasts beyond Singapore, including the organisers of Jakarta Sneaker Day, who gifted them a keepsake that is now a fond reminder of the days of large-scale international sneaker conventions.

This teacher-by-day still loves sneaker culture and streetwear, but his and Jonathan’s tastes are now defined much more by price, convenience and access. They also regularly get sent sneakers from various brands they’ve admired for years, for which they both express their deep gratitude. Gone are the days that the pair would wait in line for launches, especially not with the ongoing pandemic, although there’s definitely room for exceptions.

Nike Air Force shoes, Deadstock in storage unit

“If there’s a new drop by someone I really look up to, I’ll generally try to get it. I tend to avoid mainstream or common designs, since I’m prioritising uniqueness and sentimental value at this point in my life,” Dexter explains.

Sole superior Jon in StorHub storage unit

Jonathan agrees wholeheartedly with the appeal of unique designs. “I love customs because they’re one of a kind, and I appreciate the artistry behind them. Collabs bring up the desirability of certain pairs too.”

He picks out the Nike Air Foamposite One collaboration with ‘ParaNorman’ as an example, which is now safely stashed in their shared StorHub Lifestyle unit. “LAIKA Studios held a limited-edition sneaker giveaway to commemorate the movie premiere of ParaNorman. I submitted an entry and won this pair with glow-in-the-dark soles,” he recalls.

Jonathan counts 90’s popular culture as one of his main influences, including films, advertising and especially skateboarding culture.

“When you buy into the culture, you inevitably wear its “uniform” – right down to how you dress, and the music you listen to, even beyond sneakers. Coming from a skateboarder perspective, you always want to look fresh, dress well, and wear clothes that represent your style icons.”

Nike Air sneakers, Custom Vans sneakers in storage unit

The father of two considers his collection an extension of his identity. “Other stuff I’m storing includes signed posters and other merchandise that has sentimental value to me. It’s a way of viewing other sides of myself as more than just a sneakerhead: these are the items that have influenced me to be who I am today.”

A memory on record- storage space

“At this point in my life, I’m prioritising older models that have more sentimental value. Maybe I can’t wear some of these out, but I’m keeping them for old times’ sake.”

Moving on to a new phase of life doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of cherished memories, and self-storage is a great way to hold on to the things that remind you of how far you’ve come.

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