A digitalised approach to meet storage needs | People Matters

Issue: Jul 2020

A digitalised approach to meet storage needs | People Matters

Our CEO, Mike Hagbeck, was recently interviewed by People Matters Global to share his insights on how StorHub has been keeping the ball rolling amidst the pandemic. He highlighted that we’ve seen stability in the demand for our storage facilities locally and that our business in Shanghai is bouncing back from adversity.

StorHub also had to come up with a more digitalised approach in making sure our customers could have their storage needs met remotely. Having said that, Mike firmly believes that StorHub is a customer service business which is why we place great importance on having our personable and friendly storage specialists serve our customers face-to-face wherever possible. However, if customers are unable to make a trip to our storage facility, they have the alternative of contacting our call centres to find out more about our services and prices, receive photos of a storage unit, get a map with its location indicated, and receive information about the features of our storage facilities.

Mike mentioned that the company maintains an open line of communication by holding video conferences within departments as employees work from the comfort of their own homes. He also found himself warming up to the idea of working in a less formal setting at home since everyone is in the same boat and productivity has been up to par to keep the business going.

When asked whether the demand for self storage has gone up with telecommuting likely to continue to be the default mode of working for most companies, Mike shared that living spaces in Singapore are getting smaller and having the extended family living under the same roof can make it feel overcrowded for those living there. He pointed out that people start off using their spare rooms as a storage space and will usually come to the realisation that they could be making the most of those rooms rather than just using them as a space to put things away. This is where storage facilities come in. Those who are more conscious and selective about what they keep at home have turned to self storage to mitigate space constraints.

Finally, he shared that the company’s investors have been kept assured as we continue to see growth and stability, and that plans for domestic and regional expansion are underway.

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